Parade Checklist

Your guide to participating in Jacksonville's newest
and most illuminating spring tradition.

3. The parade moves down the Riverwalk, so stay with the flow of traffic. Want to take a photo and rest a minute? Find a place out of the way of other walkers and enjoy the view.

4. Yield space to the musicians, sponsor tents and multi-person lantern teams that will be participating.

5. No pets, please. We love pets. Just not at this event.

6. No bike riding on the Riverwalk.

7. No flying lanterns.

8. No lanterns with flames. There are plenty of battery-operated options.

9. Pick up trash and dispose of it properly.

10. Have fun! We're celebrating the St. Johns River, creativity, children, Downtown Jax... what's not to love?

1. Get a lantern. Get crafty and make one, buy one, or borrow one. It can be an elaborate masterpiece or a simple beacon of light. It's up to you. You can purchase lanterns from us ahead of time, with proceeds benefiting the event's charitable cause.

2. While at the event, don't run or pass your fellow parade participants. We're all walking to the same destination, so no need to rush.

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